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Amazon Cloud Outage Causes Major Problems in Some Crypto Exchanges

August 23, 2019 at 8:20 AM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Problems with Amazon’s cloud service, AWS, are disrupting services in some cryptocurrency exchanges on Friday.

The Binance exchange is having problems internationally, according to CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, who tweeted:

The KuCoin encryption exchange also says that there are problems with its services hosted at AWS Tokyo.

The firm declares on its website:

“Due to the overheating of part of our chassis in the engine room that we implement at AWS, Tokyo, part of our services may not be available. The engineering operations team is currently deploying relevant high availability resources in all regions to deal with any possible emergency that may occur. Some services may be affected during implementation. “

The founding partner of Primitive Ventures, Dovey Wan, tweeted that several Asian exchanges are affected and that AWS problems are producing erratic market data.

“Many Asian exchanges see price instability (and operations could be executed, yes, you can buy extremely cheap Bitcoin if you had limited orders there),” he wrote.

He also tweeted a screenshot, apparently of the order book data of an unnamed exchange that a customer had published on the official Telegram channel of the BitMax exchange. It suggests that merchants have been able to buy 45 bitcoins for less than $ 1 (in the tether stablecoin, USDT). The price of bitcoin at the time of writing should be around $ 10,190, according to CoinDesk’s global average price index.


Since then, BitMax has announced on its Telegram channel that it is stopping withdrawals, although it is still unsure that price data comes from its platform. Other sources suggest that the screenshot may reflect data from a different exchange.

In a similar instance, some users were able to execute operations in bitcoin for only $ 0.32, according to the CITEX exchange order book (see the long green candle in the image below). The candle seems backed by high volumes, since the orders were presumably activated by the super low price.


The AWS status page indicates that there are problems at your Tokyo facilities. The firm says that it has found the root cause and that the situation is beginning to return to normal.


CoinDesk has communicated to confirm reports of bitcoin purchases at levels below $ 1 and will update this article if more information is received.

AWS image via Shutterstock

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