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BitBay: The Cryptocurrency Market and other Elements that make up the Ecosystem

July 19, 2019 at 2:50 PM | By Jit Sutradhar News

BitBay cryptocurrency market

BitBay has been the largest Polish cryptutral exchange and one of the leading platforms for trading digital assets in Europe for a few years. It also appears as one of the safest platforms of this type in our country in comparison with the experience of functioning. This article will show you what the BitBay cryptocurrency market is and what made it one of the leading platforms for exchanging krypto-crypto and crypto-fiat in Europe.

The founder of BitBay and the company’s face is Sylwester Suszek, who started the project in 2014. Although Paweł Sobków is now the president of the stock exchange, Sylwester Suszek remains the most recognizable person associated with this platform. Importantly, he continues to provide social media coverage, is a member of the Polish Bitcoin Association and is active in environments related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Certainly, the project founder’s constant activity increases the credibility of the BitBay project.

Security of the BitBay platform

The BitBay cryptocurrency market meets many stringent security requirements and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations. All transactions are carried out using an encrypted HTTPS connection using only secure TLS protocols and cryptographic algorithms that care about the privacy of links.

Additional security issues also arise from the fact that for over a year, BitBay has a Maltese company, and consequently had to meet a number of rigorous procedures to be able to provide its services. In order to provide users with all the tools securing their account, the exchange offers the chance to use a two-digit login (eg Google Authenticator). In addition, it operates on dedicated encrypted servers. All sensitive data (databases, backups, wallets, user passwords) are properly encrypted. Users’ funds are of course kept on cold wallets.

BitBay is the whole ecosystem

Although most users associate the BitBay platform mainly with the cryptocurrency market, it is not the only service provided by this company. We will now briefly discuss all platforms, products and services included in the entire BitBay ecosystem.

BitBay cryptocurrency market

The BitBay cryptocurrency market has been recognized in various circles for its technological solutions and approach to business. Among the prizes received by the platform, it is worth mentioning:

  • Polish Innovation Award 2017, awarded by the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship;
  • The Best Cryptocut Exchange 2017 Award, awarded by Cryptocurrency World Expo;
  • and the Best Cryptocut Exchange Award 2018, awarded by Cryptocurrency World Expo.

There are 29 cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange. In addition to leading digital assets, such as BTC, LTC, ETH, LSK or DASH, the platform can be traded with less known but equally interesting tokens and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency market BitBay can also boast, for Polish conditions, very high capitalization. It is listed at the 84th position on CoinMarketCap for volumes. It is also today the only stock exchange listed in this ranking, which has direct payments and payments of PLN.

BitBay allows you to top-up your account (and deposit funds) with a traditional bank transfer using PLN, USD or EUR, as well as via Poczta Polska. Withdrawals are possible with the help of more than 7,500 Euronet ATMs throughout Poland.

BitBay PRO

BitBay PRO is a solution dedicated to experienced traders, for whom precision is important, provided by advanced tools, indicators and oscillators. An additional advantage, important for professional traders will be the ability to customize the user interface to their own preferences and a simple drawing mode on the charts.


Bitcantor is a platform enabling express purchase and sale transactions of cryptocurrencies, such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum without additional formalities and registration. In the cryptocurrency exchange, we have the opportunity to purchase / sell digital assets in a simple and transparent manner, which makes this service suitable for new market participants of cryptocurrencies.

BitBay Pay

BitBay Pay is an easy-to-use platform that enables the implementation of affordable and intuitive bitcoin payments in online stores and websites. Thanks to this service, over 50,000 simple, quick and secure transactions are carried out every day from anywhere in the world.

BitBay Cash

Thanks to BitBay Cash, you can easily convert cash (PLN, EUR, USD and GBP) into cryptocurrencies. An additional possibility of this service is the purchase of vouchers at stationary points and their convenient online execution. Do you remember the words of Vitalik Buterin, who said that “he just would like to go to the store and buy a crypto top-up”? BitBay Cash allows it.

BitBay OTC

Institutional clients may be interested in the OTC service, which will allow them to purchase large amounts of cryptocurrencies at a guaranteed price. In this way, we can avoid the risk of sudden exchange rate changes on traditional stock exchanges.

BitBay Shop

At the end, something for real connoisseurs and enthusiasts of cryptocurrency gadgets. If you do not have a T-shirt with your favorite cryptocurrency logo or even bitcoin socks for networking meetings, you can buy them here.


BitBay remains to this day Polish stock exchange cryptocurrency, which can boast the largest volume on our market. The development of the platform goes hand in hand with security, numerous conveniences for customers and a wide range of other services that drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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