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Bitcoin exchange Binance USA comes in September – Tron not included

August 12, 2019 at 1:15 PM | By Jit Sutradhar Exchanges

Tron founder Justin Sun has obvious problems getting his crypto currency TRON (TRX) under the people. On Twitter, the first investors are already criticizing the fact that TRX is barely available in the US. Now, Sun praises improvement and offers prospective US investors early listings on Bitcoin exchanges.

Bitcoin exchanges are traditionally more difficult in the United States due to high regulatory barriers than abroad. The Maltese Bitcoin exchange Binance is not exempt from this. In order to meet the regulatory requirements in the United States, Binance wants to launch its own spin-off from September on which only US citizens have access.

Missing listing on Bitcoin Exchange will save fewer US investors

For Tron there is a small problem: TRX will not be among the 30 tokens and coins released for trading. Thus, the cryptocurrency for Americans is hardly accessible.


After all, TRX is also unavailable on the country’s biggest stock exchange, Coinbase.

Naturally, the unfavorable situation on the secondary market is causing investors a headache. For example, @TronSpark teases, Tron must now ensure that the cryptocurrency is soon to have in the US.

#Tron should come to this list as soon as possible or to #Coinbase. We all love Tron, but we also need a place for US citizens to trade #trx. Justin Sun, this is the top priority of the Tron community right now. Due to the feedback, big investors are very worried. I do not want to loose her.

Justin Sun distributes Hopium

In response to anxious comments from investors, Justin Sun, recovering from illness and exhaustion , saw himself as plausible and promised to place his entrepreneurial priority immediately on completing listings on Bitcoin exchanges.

Yes. It is now our top priority. We will have a complete team including me dedicated to this matter. We will do all these things with #TRON speed!

The topic clearly reveals which market power Bitcoin Exchanges such as Binance & Co. inheres: no listing no trading volume – price gains will be so difficult to realize in the future. At the same time, little is known about the reasons for the reluctance of Binance and Coinbase. For as the thirteenth largest cryptocurrency market observers had certainly expected a listing. Finally, among the 30 coins listed on Binance USA are cryptocurrencies like VET or LINK, which are much lower rated than TRX.

Technical developments in view

Meanwhile, Tron’s development team is working on scaling solutions for the smart contract and dApp platform. As emerges from a blog post of the Chinese company, Tron officially launched its side chain yesterday, Sunday, August 11. In best marketing speech, the press release promises “unlimited scaling capacity”. Furthermore, Tron-dApps should be more energy-efficient and safer in the future.

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