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Bitcoin Startup Casa: Lightning Nodes Updates After Shipping 2K in Year 1

October 9, 2019 at 4:53 AM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Casa, a Bitcoin daycare provider and equipment manufacturer for nodes lightning layer scaling Bitcoin, is launching a new version of its flagship device.

The new node will process transactions faster because of its larger memory unit (4 GB per node compared to 1GB in progress), a better processor and new software, Casa CEO Jeremy Welch said CoinDesk.

Moreover, unlike the current version, the new node has a built BTCPay server, Crypto payment processor self-hosted to accept Bitcoin payments, said Welch. The new features should make the whole experience of the opening of lightning channels and sending much smoother funds, he said, adding:

“It’s like going from iPhone 3 to iPhone 11.”

The new node was about six months in the making and comes in response to a growing community of users Lightning, said Welch.

This community, according to Welch, ranges “of young software engineers for the elderly, from students to doctors. ”


Casa’s new lightning node. (Image via Casa)

Since the company began selling lightning knots last fall, the Casa has delivered over 2,000 aircraft to purchasers in more than 65 countries, according to Welch. The company, however, can not see where all these knots eventually connect to the network.

“The nice thing is, we do not know where all these nodes are,” said Welch. “They connect through Tor – it’s all about protecting privacy. ”

Lightning is an experimental network for Bitcoin transactions faster, allowing users to open channels between each other by staking the Bitcoin they want to use. Only the results of final settlement – not every small transaction – are recorded on the blockchain bitcoin.

Jeremy Welch image by Anna Baydakova for CoinDesk

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