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Bitfinex: It’s a Victim of ‘Fraud’ by Crypto Capital

October 26, 2019 at 11:58 AM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Bitfinex says it was conned.

Exchange crypto and sister company of Tether claimed Friday that it was the “victim of fraud” in the hands of Crypto Capital, a payment processor who allegedly lost $ 880 million from this Bitfinex money. President Crypto Capital, Ivan Manuel Molina Lee, was arrested Thursday by the Polish police on money laundering charges.

Authorities have written that Lee Molina crimes including “dirty money laundering for the Colombian drug cartels use cryptocurrency exchange.”

In a statement released Friday, Bitfinex said it would “make its position clear” to the US and Polish authorities and will continue to pursue the missing funds Crypto Capital. According to the statement, Crypto Capital has misrepresented his “integrity, banking expertise, a strong compliance program and financial license” for Bitfinex.

Molina Lee wanted in Poland for washing up to 1.5 billion zloty (approximately $ 390 million) “from illegal sources,” according to a report in the Polish newspaper W Polityce. Bitfinex denied rumors that he had played any part in this payment processor for money laundering.

“We can not talk about other Capital Crypto client, but any suggestion that Crypto Capital laundered drug proceeds or other illicit funds on the orders Bitfinex or customers is categorically false,” wrote Stuart Hoegner Bitfinex general counsel.

Bitfinex image via Shutterstock

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