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Black Friday shopping

Black Friday 2019: How to Earn and Spend Bitcoin

November 27, 2019 at 4:51 PM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and bitcoin users now have more opportunities than spending prior to digital and get the loot them.

Many exchange cryptocurrency cut rates and the cost of trading during the Thanksgiving long weekend in the US Plus, CEO Binance US Catherine Coley said referral program exchanges, for merchants to help friends sign up, will double the reward of $ 30 per sign-up during the period.

It is also a prime time to shop for hardware products. The crypto wallet Ledger maker owns 30 percent of sales for all products sold through the website. Node issuers Casa also offers $ 100 from a network node lightning with a gold membership, roughly a 25 percent discount.

However, there are still ways to get and use bitcoin even when shopping for nocoiners on your Christmas list – even beyond technology companies such as Microsoft, which accept bitcoin directly.

Here are some ways to shop like bitcoiner a:

1. Support small businesses

Some retailers of lingerie, like Kala, and boutique butcher, like Primal Pastures, accepting bitcoin payments and national vessels.

Book publisher based in London Kiosk accept bitcoin payments and running the node itself is filled through BTCPay. Since publishers began accepting bitcoin in May 2019, about 15 customers had paid with crypto, said founder Nick Kiosk Alawi.

“It has definitely helped broaden my knowledge about Bitcoin, and my technical knowledge more generally,” said Alawi using BTCPay. “I know from personal experience that they are a very friendly bunch and are always more than happy to help you if you get stuck with anything along the way.”

2. Shop with crypto use the wallet app

Thanks to the various startups crypto, it is now relatively easy to spend a bitcoin in major retailers that did not transact directly in the digital currency.

mobile applications such as Fold and Flexa allows the user to spend a digital asset in the shops of brick-and-mortar.
Supports both zcash, ether, litecoin and Gemini stablecoin GUSD also, to shop at retailers such as Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Express, GameStop, Office Depot and Whole Foods.

3. Get bitcoin while shopping with fiat

The Fold, offering credit card payments startup and bitcoin payment options, which are both simple to find a buyer in exchange bitcoin. Of those purchases made so far, which is done by several thousand users, roughly 30 percent is paid by the option Lightning Network application. Folding can be used for purchases on Amazon, Starbucks and Target, among other brands, both in person and online.

Invite-only beta applications processed nearly $ 250,000 worth of payments since it started in October 2019, of which 60 percent is paid in fiat, Fold said CEO Will Reeves. Public mobile app was launched on Monday.

Outside the Fold, there are also several other ways to get cryptocurrency while shopping fiat.

In-browser application Lolli deals bitcoin rewards from brands like Sephora, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. With Cyber ​​Monday (the first working day after Thanksgiving when retailers push online shopping) rival StormShop new Chrome extension will offer prizes of cash back in the form ethereum stablecoin based DAI. Simon Yu, CEO of StormX, the company behind StormShop, said CoinDesk that 5,000 people signed up for the beta mailing list application. Users will be able to cash out the rewards in bitcoin, ether, DAI, or the original sign this StormX.

As bitcoiner who have worked in this industry since 2014, Yu said this year the market is ripe for fans to get or spend cryptocurrency digital assets during the holiday shopping season. MakerDAO donated $ 10,000 in DAI to StormX so startup Yu can distribute an additional $ 5 million worth of rewards to users first 2000 cash in DAI.

“You see a lot of brand shifts from in-store deals with people standing in line … for online presence,” said Yu. ‘ From the perspective of crypto, so much has evolved in terms of product and user experience since we started.”

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