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Blockchain Trade Group Partners with Securities Industry Organization

February 28, 2017 at 11:33 AM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Blockchain TradeThe Chamber of Digital Commerce has announced a new research and educational partnership with a US-based finance and securities sector trade group.

The Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG), headquartered in Washington, DC, includes a range of issuers, mortgage companies, creditors, investors and other financial firms. According to its website, more than 350 firms are part of the group, a number of whom have pursued applications of the tech.

The Chamber, a blockchain industry trade group also based in DC, will work with the SFIG on research and education outreach, including the development of a new white paper focused primarily on the asset securitization sector, penned in conjunction with professional services firm Deloitte.

As part of that outreach, the two groups are hosting educational sessions at the SFIG Vegas 2017 conference in Las Vegas, which began Monday.

Richard Johns, executive director of the SFIG, said in a statement:

“Partnering with the Chamber is a key part of our focus on being a central resource of forward looking education to all market participants. With this partnership we can create new, forward-thinking and educational opportunities for our members enabling them to stay fully informed of how technology is impacting their business.”

Chamber president and co-founder Perianne Boring positioned the move as a way for the industry to advance its tech into specific quarters of the finance space, including structured finance.

“Our partnership with SFIG is an opportunity to accelerate the understanding and adoption of blockchain technology in this sector,” she said.


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