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Coinbase: Supports Stellar and Chainlink Crypto in New York

September 26, 2019 at 5:14 PM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that New York residents now have access to two cryptocurrencies launched by other jurisdictions months.

Two tweets Wednesday night, the exchange said customers based in upstate New York can now hold, buy, sell, send and receive both stellar lumens (XLM) and Chainlink’s LINK token. The Cryptos now be available in Coinbase.com and IOS and Android bag in the state.

XLM had previously been launched in most jurisdictions Coinbase in March, while LINK continued in June. High regulatory hurdles set in New York probably behind delays in adding support.

LINK is based on Ethereum used to feed the wire decentralized network token. Bridge service API, wire connected intelligent platforms contract – decentralized financial products as oracles – containing the actual market data and event information.

In a video interview CoinDesk on Thursday, he said CEO of the project provide smart insurance contracts linked to real-world events is the next “leap forward” in promoting the adoption of corporate blockchain technology.

Stellar, meanwhile, it is designed as a system based on the use of cryptography its witness XLM payment system. The project has been associated primarily with IBM on its global payment network wire, announced a year ago.

Coinbase app icon image via Shutterstock

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