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CoinGecko: Tracks Data From 20-Plus Crypto Derivatives Markets

October 31, 2019 at 11:49 AM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Data aggregator CoinGecko Cryptocurrency has added a new service that keeps track of the number of derivative products crypto.

Companies derivatives tracker currently lists some 100 products such as swaps and futures perennial of more than 20 derivatives exchanges, the company said in a press release, and includes data points such as price, interest, basis, the level of funding, the expiry date and volume of trade.

listed derivatives can also be seen in three separate ways, including by isolating products from certain exchanges.

CoinGecko CEO of TM Lee said the company anticipates adding more metrics in the future, including options and leveraged token offered by the various exchanges:

“We hope to empower traders with more data that they can use to make better-informed decisions. We are excited about the potential growth of crypto derivatives and look forward to further democratizing data access as we continue to commit to the maturation of the digital asset space. “

This service does not include derivative products from leading providers such as CME and Bakkt, yet. The company said CoinDesk it to the need for a reliable API for data and exchange are likely to be added soon.

This new dataset CoinGecko September following the overhaul of “Trust Score” metric transparency of the exchange. Initially launched in May 2019 Trust Score is a response to the report of the finance companies Bitwise, which claimed 95 percent of the exchanges involved in the trade crypto washing or other methods to obfusicate real trading volume.

With the new offering, CoinGecko joined Skew data providers as one of the few services to offer merchants an easy way to monitor derivatives based cryptocurrencies. SkewAnalytics services company launched in late September due to increases announced $ 2 million in seed funding from venture capital firms including Kleiner Perkins.

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