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DAO Manager Aragon Gets Alpha Release

March 21, 2017 at 8:34 PM | By Jit Sutradhar Ethereum


Aragon, a administrative platform for decentralized organizations built on ethereum, has released a new alpha client for testing.

Unveiled in February, Aragon aims to provide a means for establishing governance mechanisms for decentralized autonomous corporations, or DACs, with support for voting, budgeting and the creation of bylaws, among other features.

In recent weeks, the team behind the project has been quietly bug-testing an early version of the platform with members of the ethereum community, setting the stage for today’s publication.

Project lead Luis Cuende, who co-founded blockchain startup Stampery, wrote of the release:

“And after a lot of work, we are comfortable and proud with the current state of the product. Proud enough to make it public. So, today, we are releasing Aragon Alpha to the world.”

Though not live on the public network, Aragon is available for experimentation on the Kovan testnet, which was launched earlier this month and is backed by a number of startups working with ethereum. The alpha software has been released for MacOS, Linux and Windows.

The software publication also builds on past work. According to Aragon, more than 130 DACs have been established on the platform, while also drawing over 300 participants to its developer Slack channel.


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