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Ledger: Scores $150 Million in Crypto Insurance From Lloyd’s Syndicate

November 14, 2019 at 3:49 PM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Ledger, the creators of Nano icon purse hardware, are wooing institutional investors to use technology to arrest cryptocurrency for themselves with the help of big name insurance broker Marsh.

Marsh has arranged $ 150 million insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London syndicate Arch for users of Vault Ledger startup technology platform, the company announced Thursday.

This move is another sign that the insurance industry has gradually become comfortable writing for coverage of digital assets – is widely regarded as a prerequisite for institutional investment.

In the past year, several guards have trumpeted crypto insurance in the hundreds of millions. Unlike corporations, Vault Ledger is not the custodian; instead, it provides tools for investors to save their own crypto.

“We do not need to do this. We buy insurance for Vault platform at no additional cost to customers of our platform, “said Demetrios Skalkotos, global head Ledger Vault.

Ledger policy includes third party theft of the private key in the case of physical breach of a hardware security module (HSM) in one data center. Also discussed is the overall on-boarding process for clients involving private key generation in the HSMS companies, as well as in Ledger’s collusion that led to the theft insider employee.

The policy does not, however, cover theft through a third party remote hack types of reports pretty regularly exchange crypto worldwide. The Ledger Vault solution itself is intended to prevent the kind of hack to isolate the private key from the internet.

Companies that use Vault Ledger transaction set their own controls and governance procedures. The company is trying to move away from the frame of reference of online “hot” wallet and offline “cold” ones, which calls itself “temperature-agnostic.”

On top of a new insurance policy, Ledger Vault clients will be well placed to manage the main insurance on their own dedicated facilitated and “fast-tracked” by Marsh and Arch, the company said.

“Clients who are part of this insurance program for Ledger Vault has the ability to get a particular limit that depends on the assets held in the Vault Ledger platform,” said Jennifer Hustwitt, senior vice president at Marsh & McLennan, the insurance broker mains. “This will be separate from the $ 150 [million] which Ledger is buying.”

James Croome, vice president of specie in Arch, said in a statement that the syndicate “spent more than six months working with Ledger Vault team to develop tailored offers to their clients.”

Ledger has sold 1.5 million units of its flagship consumer product, the Nano, the device to store private keys for crypto wallet.

Ledger image via CoinDesk archives

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