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Malaysia: Thieves Drill Through Wall to Steal 85 Crypto Machines

November 8, 2019 at 1:33 PM | By Jit Sutradhar News

Malaysian authorities have arrested five people accused of stealing 85 bitcoin machine. Police arrested a man in a police raid on November 2

The Sun Daily reported that four men and one woman rented a building in Seremban, Malaysia, adjacent to the storage warehouse bitcoin machine. Five drilled through the concrete wall that connects the two buildings. All the suspects are friends no past criminal record, The Sun writes.

Valued at $ 10,300 each, the machine most likely bitcoin mining rig, though local police did not specify.

“On October 29, a shopkeeper filed a police report following the 85 bitcoin is missing from the machine,” said the Seremban police chief Supt Ibrahim Mohd Said in a press conference. “Subsequently, the police conducted raids and arrested the suspects, aged between 25 and 46 years old.”

The raids occurred Saturday night between midnight and 5:00 local time. Authorities seized the car, four-wheel vehicles and heavy equipment believed to be used for drilling through concrete, Sun added.

The suspects still to be punished.

Drill image via Shutterstock

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