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Open Source Technology: UNICEF Launches Cryptocurrency Fund

October 9, 2019 at 5:48 AM | By Jit Sutradhar News

UNICEF, the Children’s Fund of the United Nations, has launched a fund crypto to receive, maintain and distribute donations Bitcoin and ether in order to support its technology open to children around the world code.

UNICEF said in a statement on Wednesday in a first for United Nations organizations, the Fund will receive contributions cryptocurrency cryptocurrency and give out in the same way digital currency.

The organization said the first contributions to the Fund UNICEF cryptocurrency come from Ethereum Foundation and “benefit three beneficiaries of UNICEF Innovation Fund.”

It was said that the three beneficiaries who receive initial donations are Prescrypto, laboratories and aTiX Utopixar, focusing on the areas of “prescription tracking, investors and matching those who need funding, and tokens community and commitment.”

Aya Miyaguchi, executive director of the Ethereum Foundation, said in a speech that 100 DevCon ether, an approximate value of $ 18,000 at its current price, sent to UNICEF through the new partnership event.

“This is an exciting new business for UNICEF,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “If digital currencies and economies have the potential to shape the lives of future generations, it is important that the opportunities are explored. ”

“Together with UNICEF, we are taking steps with the Crypto Fund to improve access to basic needs, rights and resources,” Miyaguchi said in the announcement.

Cryptocurrency Fund UNICEF is the last push of the UN agency to adopt children blockchain technology for its broader objective. Earlier this year, it was in talks with the government of Kyrgyzstan to use blockchain to provide Internet access to schools in the country through the initiative called Project Connect.

In December last year, UNICEF said it was investing $ 100,000 in six new blockchain companies in order to solve global challenges through blockchain, ranging from transparency delivery of health care to managing finances and resources .

UNICEF image via Shutterstock

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